Wielkanoc (Easter)

April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday 2011. Sunlight and shadows do a gentle tango behind me as I drink my first coffee and wish for a chocolate bunny. I remember Easters past: various egg hunts, colorful baskets filled with Peeps and other goodies, dyeing eggs with friends in Grand Rapids as a tornado watch hovered, church services with my family in which I was inevitably wearing an itchy petticoat under my new dress and was not allowed to scratch in public….the regal bells chiming over the crowds on The Royal Mile. And of course, a timeless Patti Smith album. Rejoice, resound, renew, reflect, remind, rebirth.

Today I will get out from behind my iMac and go meet my life again. I will stop waiting for it to come to me. I will shake hands with a stranger, drink a Diet Coke downtown, tell a serviceperson thanks, greet the new cat in the neighborhood, dance to the first good song I hear, drive fast in the country with the windows down and sing whatever comes to mind, act like a happy idiot and see if anyone notices. And if I don’t do any of these things, then I will do others. I will wing it! I will celebrate just because. And I will try to remember to do this every day even if only for a few minutes, just because.

Today I am rising from the depressed and depressing mire I have allowed to become my life. I have carpéd my diem, y’all… it is so liberating!

And somewhere out there is a chocolate bunny with my name on it.

Happy Easter.